Pipeline report 2013

I am so honored to be part of this ceremony to celebrate a man I loved dearly, my friend and patient, spencer Cox. When I met him in the very early 90s, spencer was one of aCt up’s youngest stars, a leading member of the treatment and data group, and later, chair of tag’s antiviral drugs Committee. He was bright and beautiful and charismatic. His wit did not disappoint. I had been in HIV research for only a few years, fighting at the national level from the clinical side for accelerated access to, and approval of, potentially lifesaving drugs to fight HIV. Conducting trials of monotherapy ddI, ddC, d4t, my research colleagues and I were desperate for something to stem the tide of unrelenting death. aZt was approved after 19 died on the placebo arm, but ddI was approved on the basis of a 10 t-cell improvement, in spite of pancreatitis and neuropathy. and ddC and d4t won approval on similar shaky grounds in spite of even worse neuropathy. It was the common wisdom in those days that the chance at life was worth a few painful or numb feet. and protease inhibitors were in the wings, with rumors of unprecedented potency

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