Goals and objectives

“Positive initiative” is a newly created association, officialy registered in October 2011 – a network of organizations with a rich experience in the field of HIV/AIDS and drug use in Moldova, with focus on MARPs (Most at Risk Populations). The network is led by people living with HIV, former drug users, women living with HIV and directly affected by HIV, with membership at local country level (CCM on HIV/AIDS and TB in Moldova), regional level (EHRN, CSAT) and global level (Communities Delegation to the GFATM Board).

The organization is oriented towards defending the rights and represent the interests of people living with HIV, drug users, women and children with HIV or affected by HIV, and other affected communities.

Mission of the association: Consolidation of efforts and capacities of all interested stakeholders for an effective response to HIV/AIDS in the Republic of Moldova.

In this context Positive Initiative has defined a number of strategical areas of activity:

a)     Universal access to prevention, treatment, care and support for affected communities and the general population;

b)     Greater involvement of PLWH in decision-making processes at different levels;

c)      Community systems strengthening;

d)     Human rights approach in the context of HIV/AIDS.

The main mechanisms of intervention are:

Advocacy, encompassing activities and advocacy campaigns aimed to promote and to protect PLWH’s and affected communities’ interests and rights at the political level, to ensure political commitment and involvement, to ensure universal access to prevention, treatment, care and support, and to improve the quality of life both from a medical and from a social perspective.

Leadership Building focused on an efficient capacity building process that must encourage the meaningful participation of PLWH and affected communities at all levels of the national response to HIV/AIDS, from political to grassroots level, for ensuring effectiveness and transparency.