Thoughts of drug user with psychological comments

Everyone knows that drugs are evil. Everyone understands that drug addiction must be overcome. But only few people realize what is going on in the mind of a person who uses drugs. Meanwhile, almost every day they have hundreds of hopeless, desperate, and sometimes scary thoughts. We collected these thoughts, summarized and asked for a comment psychologist of social organization “Viata Noua” and Chisinau daycare center “Pas cu Pas” Inna Vutkarev.

“I take drugs so many years, it makes no sense to change anything. Anyway, it will not work out…”

It is never too late to change something. In life there is always is some uncertainty, you cannot say that if you started to take drugs, there is no way back. We all want tomorrow’s day to be better or at least not worse. And drug users are not exception. The main thing is to not allow the feeling that your life is meaningless, it kills hope in everything. Unfortunately, the struggle to improve the quality of your life is not simple. It’s not easy to refuse to take drugs in one day. It is important to understand that the recovery is a process and this process can be different for everyone. The most important thing is to keep the positive dynamics. For some people it starts with recognizing the nature of disease, others put themselves together, fight to reduce risky behavior and participate in harm reduction programs. No matter which rehabilitation program you choose, you should never give up and continue the fight for your own happiness.
Many people, even if they were taking drugs for many years, found the strength to overcome this problem. It is important that people understand that drugs are the way to nowhere. Unfortunately, a very low percentage of people can handle with addiction on their own. Usually they need someone who can give the necessary information, protection and assistance.

“Life with drugs is bad, but without them it’s even worse…”

It happens when a drug user is depressed, when he is not under the influence of drugs. This state includes feelings of hopelessness, worthlessness and dullness in life. Some time ago, in one of our groups, we tested drug users, who believed that they had depression. The result showed that their state was normal. The point is that for drug users everyday life seems to be boring. They are constantly torn between euphoria and relapse, very often they are having mood swings and emotional dysregulation. Good condition of a healthy person is perceived as depression, routine, boredom. Drug users who are under the influence of drugs, see and perceive things differently – this is a special world, other colors, sensations and emotions. If you find yourself once in this world of illusion, it is hard to enjoy usual things again. But we must make the effort to learn to enjoy usual things: the sun, interesting books, flowers, the sea. It’s possible.

“My life doesn’t mean a thing for the others. They don’t need me…”

Everyone sometimes asks himself, “If I disappeared, would someone notice?”. In such situations it is worth to remember that we are unique. Despite the fact that on the earth lives 7 million people, none of them is like us. To overcome such thoughts, try to help other people, you will feel that you are important for someone. That is why we always motivate our patients to get involved in volunteering, helping others. Each of us is necessary, you should remember that.

“Other people hate me because everyone hates drug addicts, although I’m not so bad…”

There are many stereotypes about drug addicts. Each of us heard about cases when drug user breaks the law, harm his family and even strangers only in order to get drugs. Only few people realize that addiction is a disease and people are simply unable to control their behavior.
For a drug user, the primary instincts and needs are the first priority, spiritual development and other moral values take at least the second place. This is a natural consequence of addiction. That’s why drug users spend all their efforts to get the next dose, it drowns out everything else. Society does not accept drug addicts, it’s a big problem. People who use drugs are like us. They are just in a difficult situation, but they have the same rights as everyone else.

“I lost everything: job, family, friends, health. Now I have nothing left…”

Drugs usually ruin your life, that’s the real price. If drug addicts did not lose a thing, drug abuse would not be such a serious problem. Even in the most hopeless situation, we still have our life, choice and freedom of action. We must fight for our life because we live only once. This craving should be discovered and we should do everything to overcome addiction and its consequences.

“I think that if I go to any medical center or institution, they will be giving me lectures, I will be judged and forced to get treatment…”

Never, under any circumstances, no one can force you to get treatment. If you go to non-governmental organization providing support to drug users, you should know that often many employees working there had the same problem before. Can they judge you? Definitely not. Workers in these organizations try to become your friends. They do not judge nor impose, they leave you the choice. First, you should overcome your fears because usually drug user judges himself.

“When I cannot get drugs, life turns into a real hell, this is what I fear the most …”

If you face the physical relapse, it is possible to overcome it with pharmacotherapy or detoxification. If you do not know where to ask for help, we can inform you and show the closest medical center. To overcome psychological addiction, you need time and ongoing support. That’s why you might need the rehabilitation course, which will help you with psychological, biological, social and spiritual recovery. Rehabilitation provides a very high percentage of recovery and a good quality treatment.

“I just cannot stop taking drugs on my own. I tried, it did not work out…”

It happens. Do not think you are a loser, only because you tried ten times and still it did not work out. The principle “help yourself” does not work here. People who are left alone with this problem might relapse and it should be treated as something normal. Drug user, who decided to quit, needs help, it should not scare you, but should motivate you to ask for a professional help those who are already free from drug addiction. They have the experience that you need and they will share it with you with a pleasure.

“I often recall times before the drugs. I was a normal guy (girl) and I do not even know how it happened… “

The reason that people try drugs for the “first time” is often some strong emotions, feelings of emptiness, meaninglessness. The most frequent motivation is curiosity and a fear of being rejected. After all, most people try drugs in the age of 15-16, when a teenager is still kind of lost, wants to belong to some group and depends on their opinion. The moment when someone asks himself a question – why have I done it? – is very important in the healing process. This is a part of recovery and it is a step forward.

“Some of my friends have died already. So, I know what is waiting for me, a year earlier, a year later, it’s not a big difference… “

Drugs often drown out the fear of death and understanding how precious life is. Even if you have such thoughts, you cannot let your life runs its course. Always, you can ask someone for help or advice, it can be a social center, people who had the same experience of addiction or just an important person in your life. This pain is hard to bear alone. It’s always easier to share at least some of it with someone else, it helps you find motivation and move forward. You do not need to be alone with this problem.

“What should I do with all this?”

Ask for help. Do not try to change the world alone, do not look for reasons why you should not do it, do not run away from the reality. If you decide to end up with drugs now, your tomorrow day will be much better. Each person has a chance to solve any problem, there are no hopeless situations.