Position paper of the Public Association “Positive Initiative”

With regard to the development and submission the documents package within grant-making process to the GFATM grant to support National Program for HIV Prevention and Control 2018-2020. In addition, in the context of the decision taken by the CCM on confirmation of one Principal Recipient for the continuation of the HIV Program within the next funding cycle.

We, the Public Association “Positive Initiative”, were directly and equally involved together with other CSOs represented in the CCM in transparent process of drafting the request for grant continuation in March 2017, as well as after the approval of the application by the TRP, in the discussion and development of grant documentation, including the work plan and budget, and, with reference to the situation around the CCM decision and the expression of concerns by a number of CS partners vis-à-vis the threat of losing funding from the Global Fund and thus risking interruption of care and support services for patients, consider important to express our position:

Acknowledging and taking into account the full measure of the risk associated with the transition of responsibility for Program implementation to the Principal Recipient, which represents a public institution; realizing that this situation ought to happen sooner or later in the context of expected full transition from the GF funding to the state budget — in our opinion, it is logical to act upon this, in a context when there is still support from the Global Fund as a possible leverage to balance the position.

Taking into account the value of services developed over many years with the support of the Global Fund, we believe that the absolute priority at the moment is to sustain all developed services, good practices and achievements that directly affect the life quality of patients;

Recognizing the CCM decision on approval of the grant management arrangements with one Principal Recipient of GF funds, taking into account the positive response from the GF to extend the period (until July 10, 2017) for finalization and submission of the application in accordance with the CCM decision – We believe that in this situation and guided strictly by the interests of patients and pragmatically pondering upon the situation, all partners should focus on joint discussion and development of a strategy and format for the implementation of all vital services in the period 2018-2020.

In our opinion, calls to cancel the CCM decision, thus stopping the application process for an indefinite period – are unacceptable, since this is what jeopardizes the continuation of GF funding for the National Program for HIV Prevention and Control, which will ultimately impact the life of concrete people.

Sincerely, the Board of Directors of the public association “Positive Initiative”


Positive Initiative is an organization of patients founded in 2011 as an association of NGOs with vast experience in HIV and drug use prevention, treatment, adherence and rehabilitation in Moldova, in order to promote and protect the rights and interests of PLWH, people who use drugs, patients living with and affected by tuberculosis and Hepatitis. Currently, “Positive Initiative” operates in all regions of Moldova, the network comprising 68 members with annual provision of integrated services sensitive to HIV/TB/Hepatitis/SRHR/addiction.

Positive Initiative is currently responsible as SR for CSS and Human Rights component within GFATM grant.