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Regional social center «Renasterea» for people living with HIV

Regional social center «Renasterea» for people living with HIV was opened in Chisinau in February 2013. Today, the center provides a variety of psychosocial services for people living with HIV and their family, relatives and children. Alina Cojocari is one of the workers of the center. She told us in detail why the center was opened and what are the goals of employees working with people living with HIV.

Alina, tell me please, how people get to the center?

In several ways: according to the project, we are working with infectious disease specialists from regional clinics. If it is necessary, they may redirect patients to us. Also, people can get to our center directly from the department of the Republican STI clinic. And again, a doctor or an employee of organization «Credinta», which provides consultations in the STI clinic, can also direct patients to us. If a person came without a doctor's referral, for example, he heard somewhere about us...
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Therapeutic community «Viata Noua»: We help those who could not deal with the addiction on their own

Therapeutic community «Viata Noua» was created in 2004, with the support of «Viata Noua». The aim of the community is to help people addicted to drugs or alcohol, who were not able to deal on their own with their disease on biological, social, psychological and spiritual levels.

Vladimir Dodon is the community coordinator. Together with other community volunteers each day he helps guys deal with devastating consequences of alcoholism and drug addiction. The program of the community is based on the Minnesota treatment and rehabilitation model of drug / alcohol addicted. The aim of the rehabilitation program is to regain the personality in biopsychosocial and spiritual context and to achieve sobriety. 10494483_584275528357200_5603594600472463174_o The rehabilitation program takes 6 months, and it is divided into the following parts: 1. The first part of the rehabilitation program - 3 months 2. Holidays - 3 days 3. The second part of the rehabilitation program - 3 months The aim of the first part of the...
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I was diagnosed with HIV, what should I do?

If you were diagnosed with HIV, it means that you have a virus in your body, which nowadays still cannot be cured. AIDS – it’s just one of the stages for HIV-infection which causes some serious health problems. However, there are medications which can slow down the progression of HIV and protect a person from AIDS. Most of people living with HIV do not see any symptoms and they can continue to have their usual lifestyle. Nevertheless, HIV-infection can cause psychological problems and a person might need some time to learn how to live with HIV.


… it means that in your blood there is HIV virus - human immunodeficiency virus. Usually, several years after getting infected a person stays healthy. However, the viruses slowly destroys immune system causing many diseases. A late stage of HIV-infection is called AIDS. At this stage people are dealing with serious and dangerous diseases. There are...
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(Russian) Хочу бросить наркотики. Кто может мне помочь?

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Если ты принимаешь наркотики, но решил что хочешь бросить – это возможно! Самый эффективный способ навсегда бросить наркотики — реабилитация.

Миннесотская модель реабилитационной программы стационарного типа (на основе терапевтической общины) имеет социально – психологический характер и длится до 6-и месяцев. В основе модели лежит идеология программы 12 шагов. Основные цели терапии сводятся к тому, чтобы пациент убедился в том, что он в состоянии воздержаться от приема наркотиков и других психоактивных веществ, и, что у него достаточно сил, чтобы изменить свой образ жизни. Если ты думаешь, что на данный момент не готов сделать шаг в абсолютную трезвость, полностью прекратив употребление наркотиков, но, в тоже время, хочешь улучшить качество своей жизни, тебе нужно подробнее узнать о программе заместительной терапии (ЗТ). Заместительная терапия – это лечение наркозависимости...
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