The owner of “Vila DOR Bukovel” and “La DOR-ul din Vadul lui Vodă” hotels: “The one succeds who tries!”

Today we present you our devoted friend and partner, businesswoman, the owner of “Vila DOR Bukovel” and “La DOR-ul din Vadul lui Vodă” hotels and participant at the charitable campaign “The bright color of good cause” – Galina Rotaru.

This is for the first time you participate in such a project, Galina, why did you decide to associate to “The bright color of good cause” campaign?

After I received the invitation to the “The bright color of good cause” campaign partners meeting, I was getting there wishing to find out more about HIV and PLH (people living with HIV). This specific malady is also called “The Plague of the 20th century”. The HIV-old.positive people are usually isolated from the rest of the society, people railing off unconditionally. There were many noble people at the partners’ meeting; among them I met friends of mine, who are not indifferent to HIV-old.positive people’s problems.

We discussed about projects and plans, on accomplished work, as well as the importance of this campaign for our society, and how many PLH returned to normal life due to those kind and sensible, to the others’ pain, people who are able to help and make noble things. I decided to associate for the betterment of our common cause, as well as for the betterment of the society to make those people happy, and generally make noble things. This is why I became a partner of the campaign “The bright color of good cause”.

Did you know anything about HIV, until you were a part of the campaign?

I knew what HIV is, but I never met a person that lives with it. The first PLH I met was Ruslan Poverga, who performed very inspiring at that meeting. After I’ve got to know him better, there originated respect for him and to your organization, and of course to PLH that struggle for life. This is why I want to be useful, at least a little. Even in the Bible is written that one must give the tenth of what has to those who need help and support. I try to follow that principle.

Did your parents taught you this principle or you came to this by yourself?

In our family we followed one main principle, to be sensible to the others’ problem or need; this is what I learnt from my parents. My parents were very kind and understanding. As I remember myself, they always helped someone, especially my mother – God rest her soul.

Being sensible to someone’s trouble – this is what my parents cultivated in me, and respectively, I explained it to my son. To do someone good – is great, especially if God gave you this opportunity.

“The bright color of good cause” campaign – is not your first charity act, isn’t it?

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I’ve always tried to help as far as I can. One of the strongest impressions for me was when a group of children from the Chișinău orphanage “Gavrosh” came to “Villa DOR Bukovel”. It was the first time they saw mountains, felt the joy of relaxation and had strong impressions from camping and dances around the bonfire. As gratitude, they arranged a great performance and even composed the anthem of “Villa DOR Bukovel”. Being there, beside those children, for me was a great satisfaction. Each of them wanted to hold my hand, tell about himself and questioned a lot. They were sincerely happy – a happiness without borders. All this made such a strong impression that moved me to tears. It was unforgettable.

What does it mean for you the notion charity?

Each of us perceives it specifically, but the most important it is to do it: charity. As for me, it means to be beside the one who needs me, be kind and sensible, to support morally or financially as far as I can.

Let’s talk about “Villa DOR Bukovel”. The word ‘DOR’ doesn’t have an analogue in any other language of the world. How do you explain it’s meaning to foreigners?

“Villa DOR Bukovel” – is not a big hotel that is located on the top of the Carpathian Mountains in Ukraine. It is designed for relaxation and rehabilitation with the help of mountain air, silence and beautiful views. I put my heart and soul in this. I brought here with pleasure a piece of Moldova: its culture, traditions, and habits. We enchant our visitors with the Moldavian cuisine specialties, prepared exclusively in clay pots, as well as offering the possibility to enjoy the taste of Moldavian wines from our own cellars.

The name ‘DOR’ speaks for itself. ‘DOR’ – means a deep and strong feeling. It is like a symphony of the body and soul. It is love, tenderness and the expectation of happiness. ‘DOR’ lives in everyone. Our nation carols ‘DOR’, dedicating to it the most beautiful and heart-touching songs and poems.

Do you feel ‘DOR’ to someone or to something?

Yes, I feel it to my son, to my mother, who passed away. I always miss home, my friends.

Do you miss special moment from your childhood?

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Of course, it’s the school time, when I was an unbelievable madcap. Generally, childhood – it is the most wonderful time of our lifes! I’m missing so much the times when I and all my family gathered around a big table, where we used to communicate, shared impressions of the passed day and of course, taste new dishes, prepared by my mother and my aunt. They two were first-class chefs!

What is your favorite dish?

It is aspic, stuffed cabbage and stuffed duck.

The way you are relating us about your villa, it shows that it is a business for your soul, isn’t it?

Definitely! I put my heart and soul in everything I made, and villa “DOR” isn’t an exception. Each part of it, each view, each dish in the menu – all this is a part of my heart. I receive deep satisfaction when sharing all this with others.

Generally, if taking a look over your steps to success, appears an impression that you were always busy, always worked hard to achieved good result. How did you get so far?

Because I love to work. If you have a concrete target, you just have to work hard and you will surely succeed. In life nothing happens just like that, and the path, from the beginning to the result – it is life, during which you meet interesting people, glean experience, learn new things and go on. I’m always on my way and if I gained something, I immediately aim at something else.

Do you ever get tired?

Yes, it happens. In such moments I need to sleep well, to ski or to run twice around the lake and the tiredness goes away, bringing back the will to do something.

Galina, did business change you somehow?

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Of course, the path I choose – changes. Until we move to our target, we become wiser, softer, more responsible, and more patient and of course we change generally. If you don’t change yourself – you don’t change anything.

Is it hard for the man beside you, to be with such a strong woman?

I think it is, but I have beside me the man it is hard to be with, as well (smiling).

Do you consult with him?

I don’t like to discuss my plans; I start my project when I’m strongly sure in its successful implementation. I don’t listen to advisers during the working process, preferring to get through personally. I am a strong optimist, when starting something; it helps me to accomplish the started one, successfully. I don’t like when someone feels pity for me, especially when I consider the hard work I’ve done, it stops me. I like the final result.

And by the end, some questions of Marcel Proust, whom we both love.

What do you mostly appreciate in friends?


Can you say your main imperfection?


Which is your favorite occupation?


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What do you dismiss the most in a person?


What merit do you value the most in a person?


Which was the last book you’ve read?

“Frida Kahlo”, by Hayden Herrera.

What movie do remember the most?

“The English Patient”, I always watch it with pleasure.

Which is the flaw you manifest indulgence to?


What is your life motto?

The one succeeds who tries.

“The bright color of a good cause” charitable campaign started in august 2014. At the moment, the campaign parameters represent: “Felicia” charitable foundation, the art-saloon “MolDeco”, the “Propaganda” restaurant, the “RihpangalPharma” company (brend ‘Masculan’), Capital Energetic, the “VikGallery” art-gallery, the beauty-salon “Micușa Stil”, the restaurant “C House Lounge Café Chișinău”, the “White House” restaurant, “Irka Shoes” shoe store, MDFSA, “Fresh & joy”, “Cosînzeana” fashion store, ”Villa DOR Bukovel”.

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